In the example below, I’ve opened my popup and then dragged the progress bar ‘element’ into the page editor.


GroovePages for Shopify is similar to the regular version of GroovePages but this time around you can build Shopify centric pages. However, it is available as a stand-alone app for Shopify, for $49 a month.
This is a normal practice to preform for maintaining a high quality marketing funnel with a high conversion funnel metrics that generates leads. .


In the long run, the Platinum Lifetime plan is significantly cheaper than the Silver and Gold plans. Plus, you can choose between different payment plans if you don’t want to pay for everything all at once. However, paying in full will give you a better price with a 35% discount.
High-quality music: You can also download free GrooveClips from GrooveVideo. Alternatively, you can use your own music library. If you want to set the start point of the music manually, you can do that easily.


You can even use PayPal Credit to purchase the product with 6 months interest free.
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This is GrooveFunnel’s email marketing solution and CRM. It includes the ability to tag subscribers, automate sequences, do text and voice broadcasting, and other email service provider features you’d expect.














Ever heard stories of people who sold their land for millions which they bought near uprising suburbs for a few hundred dollars years ago.

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    GrooveKartⓇ has a built-in integration to AliExpress – an online retailer that gives small businesses the opportunity to sell products to customers around the world with minimal capital. It also supports dropshipping, which allows businesses to accept and fulfil orders without holding any stock.

    Imagine if you could make one little piece of content, and virtually guarantee that it’ll make you money, straight away. How awesome would that be? If you asked me, i think it would be pretty spicy. 😉 Well, what if i could give you a blueprint on how to do the same? Simple. Straight to… Read More How I Made My First $1000 Online (And How You Can Easily Do The Same)Continue
    And lest I forget, Mike also announced that he was adding GrooveKart to the list of the Free products on the platform and Donna Fox announced that the official launch is going to between 19th August, 2020 and 1st September, 2020. I’m so excited about this. I am really learning to use the platform and I believe it's going to be an important tool for my business.

  • email-software is one of the strongest online software options for marketing and CRM-related purposes for any business. It has several products that help you reach out to your customers, easily generate more sales and revenue, and resolve any issues your customers may have after-sales.

    Progress Bars: These tools are great for making your audience feel like making progress on your website.
    Entrepreneur Digital Marketer, Author, Speaker, Software Developer, Online Marketing Educator, and Marketing Consultant.

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    The more you understand that traffic platform and it’s nuances, the easier it is for you to test out new ideas, hooks and angles.

    It allows for 5,000 visitors and gives users an unlimited number of landing pages.
    Kartra is still good, although old. The advantage of groove is that it has been able to use the latest and 10x better framework in its development. The new platform is much more advanced in every way. It also has an SDK that allows others to develop apps for it as well. Groove is in the same ballpark as the iPhone, Android, WordPress, Chrome, Firefox and Shopify for app developers.

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    These wireframe blocks have no color or styling, and are great if you want to show your client a website mockup before going ahead with the final design.
    ClickFunnels was only supposed to just be a page builder. It was on this agreement why Mike agreed to help launch ClickFunnels as it would not be in direct competition with Kartra when it finally launched.

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Groove affiliate assist is an awesome way to get more commissions out of your work.


The next stage of the funnel is customers using your product, getting satisfied, upselling to another person, and becoming a brand advocate. If your prospect becomes a customer, then becomes an advocate of your product and upsells it to another person, your marketing funnel is now going full circle.


According to GrooveFunel’s founders, It’s very similar to Zendesk or HelpScout. And it is also integrated and has all of your customer’s sales info already pulled in when you’re handling a support ticket.

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