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Nonetheless, Harada denied on 29 Could that they are dating and says that they’re simply good mates. There are no plans for a wedding as of now. Misato is working as a kindergarten teacher. Wataru – He moved to Gifu with Misato whom he married at the end of the final SP. They’ve been residing in Gifu for 2 years as Wataru helps out at Misato’s uncle’s manufacturing unit. Hopefully the next suggestions can assist you to to type things out. There have been quite a few dramas on bullying in colleges however I do not remember any which focuses entirely on office bullying.

Makes you stay at the edge of your seat. When somebody bullies you, you make yourself stronger to stop anyone from being ready to hurt you. It solely provides these bullies a reason to take advantage of your weakness. He tries to talk to Kanna’s mother however she gives him the cold shoulder. As there have been SPs at regular intervals of about 1-2 years, this provides viewers an update of what the characters were doing which enhances the nostalgic really feel of the sequence. Since then, there had been numerous studies of them going their separate ways but this time spherical, they appeared to have damaged up for real in autumn. I preferred the third SP (Tabidachi no Uta) probably the most the place Wataru left for Sri Lanka to be a volunteer and that scene where he and Sonoko parted ways after kissing left a deep impression on me. Aoi Yu and Suzuki Kosuke announced on 14 June that they have gone their separate methods in less than a 12 months since they went public with their relationship in July final yr.

Tsutsumi Shinichi and Aoi Yu are reported to be “dating” in line with the newest challenge of “Josei Seven” published on 25 October. In addition, Sonoko is knowledgeable that her college students, Yutaka and Kana are hospitalised due to a visitors accident. In addition, Senzaki’s drawback with Kanna’s mother is unresolved but I guess she is going to give her blessings by the following and ultimate episode. As Kitajima is now based mostly in California, US, and Chisa will continue her singing profession, it is anticipated that they will be based mostly in two locations for the time being but the wedding registration is expected to be accomplished within the yr. Conversely, that was how Suzuki Kyoka was doing when she was sizing Hasegawa Hiroki in “Second Virgin” so I haven’t any specific points with this deal with Igawa. By the top of the series, she is pregnant along with her second baby. Former Morning Musume member Yasuda Kei will get married to Italian delicacies professional Kozaki Yoichi at the tip of May as reported on 2 May. And i doubt the couple will get married by the end of the series.

Nevertheless, most sources quoted an insider saying Kuroki is certainly two months’ pregnant and will give start in October. The couple met two years ago by way of a common acquaintance. According to insiders, that they had come to know one another through a typical friend and grew to become good friends since they’d similar hobbies. Now that she’s lastly discovered someone and I feel they do look excellent collectively, this is wishing them all the very best and that they’re going to be joyful at all times! Shimokawa’s ex-spouse, Rieko asks of him not to satisfy his daughter, Yui in future as she is remarrying and that it wouldn’t be good for them to continue like this. On the last meeting between Shimokawa and Yui, Rieko reveals the truth to Yui who is reluctant to simply accept this association. That is in view of Yui’s interests but he thinks that Rieko should not decide on this with out consulting Yui. As well as, the circumstances underwater make it unattainable for divers to enter the boat to look for Yui. Senzaki happens to see Yui wanting around from the gate. I’ve read some views on-line that it’s a bit unrealistic for Hitoshi to react so strongly as if he never had any romantic expertise (he supposedly has this irritating girlfriend who is a writer but I just do not see him loving her in any manner) because the character’s age is supposedly 30 years old.